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Any possible signs of post Christmas torpor were swiftly blown away by Roger Higgs, when he gave his lecture, "Sea level will rise by 5m by 2035 not humans’ fault”, to the January meeting of West Dartmoor U3A.

Dr. Higgs, who runs his own geological consulting company Geoclastica Ltd in Bude, is a sedimentologist,  with a BSc, MSc,  and DPhil. He has been researching climate change, privately, from the vast scientific literature, since 2015 when a gut feeling he had was stimulated by questions he was asked during geology walks he leads in Bude.

The conclusion he reached was that the planet is undoubtedly warming and sea levels are rising, but this is not to be laid at the door of either carbon dioxide or human activity.  It is all caused by the Sun.

Roger began his lecture by dismissing the International Panel on Climate Change, claiming there were no geologists on the panel and both governments and the academics involved had deeply rooted vested interests.  The speaker’s delivery was powerful throughout and he has a self- deprecating sense of humour, saying world opinion could be divided into three factions -  Believers in climate change and blaming CO2; Deniers who believe neither in man-made warming nor sea level rise; His own camp, with only him in it, believing global warming to be real and a multi-metre sea level rise imminent, but nothing to do with Man.

A great number of slides was shown, demonstrating the main parts of his thesis.  In the first place, the speaker stated that far from being a pollutant, CO2 is the basis of life and currently only 400 parts per million (0.04%) occur in the atmosphere.  Charts and graphs of ice cores from Antarctica showed temperatures and CO2 going up in tandem but, "correlation does not prove causation”, maintained the speaker.  He wondered what else had increased. Turning to tree rings, he explained that there had been a solar Grand Maximum in 1958. And a previous one in 525 AD. The grand maximum phase of the sun lasts approximately fifty years, during which time the global conveyor belt or ocean current system circulates causing polar ice to melt, releasing glaciers and causing sea levels to rise.

Roger maintained that there was strong archaeological evidence to support his beliefs.  He spoke of a Dark Ages archaeological enigma,” What happened to Londinium between the Romans leaving and the Saxons arriving.?”  A layer of silt with no pottery remains or other indications of habitation was cited as evidence of the rise in sea level preventing occupation.  The presence of medieval castles, stranded inland their water gates high up is further proof of changing sea levels.

Dr. Higgs predicted that within twenty years, sea levels will have risen five metres and produced a picture of what London would look like, Houses of Parliament flooded.  He also stressed the folly of nuclear power stations being built in vulnerable seaside locations. 

To sum up, following the sun’s peak of activity in 1958, the Antarctic Time Bomb has been set and world sea levels will rise 5m by 2035.








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